Club meeting 27th March 2017

As April fool’s Day is coming, today’s table topic theme is on April fool’s day and pranks. Helen, Conrad, Alexandra, Richard, DK, Sharen and Ned came to the platform, sharing their interesting stories or insightful pinions on April fool’s Day and prank. Sharen, one of our guests tonight, won her first best table topic speaker. Hope we can see her in our next meeting.

There is only one prepared speech speaker, Conrad, and the title of the speech is Be a maker. I found a lot of encouragement in this fantastic speech. This speech told us to be confident, with years of practice, everyone could be a maker. Moreover, he helps us redefine the meaning the maker. Anyone who could take advantage of the existing ingredients and factors, peppered with creativity and innovation, can be an excellent maker.

The rest of the time was occupied by club committee member to present their roles respectively. We do hope that our existing members and guests could join the committee family, contributing your energy and love to this lovely club, by receiving precious memory and experience.

Look forward to seeing you all in next meeting.

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