Club Meeting 10th April 2017


Sigma, as today’s President, initiated the meeting with a brief introduction of the Toastmasters program and mission statement. Moreover, he introduced the concept of the ‘3D’ of the Toastmasters’ aim, which is ‘to deliver, discover and develop.’ He emphasises that the club provides us with a platform to hone our public speaking skills and leadership. The organisers of the club are not employed, and the only target they share is to get better and better on speaking skills.

Alan, the Toastmaster of the Day went directly to the topic and invited today’s timekeeper. Our Time Keeper, Anna, gave a concise explanation of the Time Keeper role. Our Grammarian, Moez, picked the word “rambunctious” as the word of the day. It was the word with such an interesting meaning.


Table Topic Master, Conrad, prepared four intriguing questions about the theme of Spring. The questions are mainly about opinions on Spring and relevant experiences. Richard performed his bunny ear show as one of the speakers. If there were a reward of the most humorous speech, you would always be the champion, Richard. As our most welcomed guests, David left us the impressive image in their debut in Cass Toastmasters. Thank you guys for sharing interesting stories with us. Table Topic winner tonight went to Ned! Our TT evaluator, Richard, kindly pinpointed areas of commendations and recommendations on their little impromptu speeches.


In the business section, Sigma mentioned that the club committee election will be held on 22 May. Any club member who is interested in running for a role in the committee is very welcomed. Besides, the committee members attending today’s meeting all delivered brief introductions on the roles and shared their thoughts on the roles.

Following a networking break, we had two fantastic speeches delivered by our members: Conrad and Zhilan.

Conrad delivered such an informative topic about owls. He told us the characteristics about the owl, a silent killer with good sight, good hearing. From his speech, we can share his comprehensive knowledge about the owl and feel his love for this animal. Zhilan delivered a very insightful speech about driving, the limit point analysis. She shared with us some information which he learned from an NGO on driving. By the understanding limit point, it could assist drivers driving more safely and efficiently. Thank you all for the two provoking speeches.

Look forward to seeing you guys next meeting.

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