Club Meeting 24th April 2017


Paul, our President, initiates the meeting with a brief introduction of what is toastmaster. He takes his experience as an example to show how he jump on the journey of toastmaster. He emphasises that the club provides us with a platform to harness our public speaking skills and leadership. The organisers of the club are not employed, and the only target they share is to get better and better on speaking skills.
Robert, our Toastmaster of the Day, take over the job and kicked off tonight’s journey. Our Time Keeper, Ned, gave a concise explanation of the Time Keeper role. The Grammarian, Helen, picked the word “agile” as the word of the day.

Since the London Marathon was held on the weekend last week, our Table Topic Master, Alan, prepared five intriguing questions about the theme of sports. The questions are about opinions on sports, sports celebrities and marathon. Two members and three guests were invited to take part in this phase. As our most welcomed guests, Denis, Juber, and Rashad, left us the impressive images in their debut in Cass Toastmasters. Thank you guys for sharing interesting stories and provoking thoughts with us. TT winner tonight went to Juber. Our TT evaluator, Anna Cameron, kindly pinpointed areas of commendations and recommendations on their little impromptu speeches.

Following a networking break, we had three fantastic speeches delivered by our members: Anna Batrachenko, Tom Royston and Moez Adamjee. Provoked by the experience as timekeeper last meeting, Anna delivered her second speech ‘Time’. Using her own anecdotes, Anna told us how important time is and the suggestions she has to value it and take full advantage of it. Coincidently, Tom’s speech topic is also about time with the title of ‘Back in the day!’. His memory flies back to more than ten years ago when we were still using NOKIA with the limited functions of calling and texting. During the past years, the technology has made unprecedented progress and fundamentally remoulded the way people to communicate, the information people could share. Moez delivered his folk tale ‘Hansel and Gratel’ version 2.0. Very interesting story, full of imaginations.

The final winner of prepared speech is Tom. The best evaluator went to Daniel.Congratulation!

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