Club Meeting 11th September 2017


The meeting was opened by Beryl, our sergeant-at-arms. After welcoming everybody, Beryl introduced Leslie, our club president, who then explained what Toastmasters is.

Conrad was this evening’s Toastmaster. He explained the agenda and how the meeting will look like, and he introduced the theme of the meeting – Go Green.

Thiri was the timekeeper. She didn’t, however, make in time for the role introduction, so Helen stepped in and explained the role. After that, Thiri was on time.

As a Grammarian, Paul was paying special attention to the language used throughout the evening, looking for interesting phrases and rhetorical devices.

The word of the day was elated. It means “make (someone) ecstatically happy”.

When the introduction part was done, it was time for table topics. Following the theme of going green, Anna prepared a set of question about ecology, sustainability and environment, and Helen, James, Robyn, Richard, Robert and Leanne had to prepare a short, impromptu speech to answer Anna’s questions.

Before the break, Beryl asked our guests to introduce themselves and explain what brought them to CASS Toastmasters. The answers varied from working on confidence to preparing for a speech at a conference to listening to a friend giving a speech this evening.

After the break, it was time for the prepared speeches.

First was Beryl with her speech Learn how to talk from Trump. She dissected how Donald Trump speaks and the way he builds his speeches and showed us what can we learn from him.

Second on the stage was Ned proving that Nice guys finish last, despite popular inverse opinion. Not only he gave convincing arguments why his thesis is true, but also gave some tips how to avoid being “too nice” and get what you want.

Next, it was time for Robert and his Bob’s Fab Ads. Robert took three of his favourite commercials and explained shot by shot why they are great. He showed us how these commercials exploit our emotions and how they are finding their way into our minds.

Last, but not least, was Richard with a speech You the Superhero. After a dramatic opening (that thunder knew when to strike!), Richard gave us tips how we can become the superheroes we dream to be.

The speeches were evaluated by Oz, Laura, Alice and Helen. Table Topic speeches were evaluated by Nathan. Those, who were not evaluated, were evaluated by the General Evaluator, who was Ian this evening.

During the evening, we were voting for the best evaluator, the best table topics speech and the best speech. Here are the results:

Best Speaker Award – Ned
Best Evaluator Award – Alice
Best Table Topic Award – Leanne

Our president, Leslie, decided to award Paul and Helen with a special Enthusiasm Award for being pro-active and jumping into different roles this evening.

The next meeting will be on 25th September, when we will be holding out annual Humour Speech and Table Topics competition! Our members will compete to deliver the best humour prepared and improvised speech and as a result, they will make us laugh a lot.

You can RSVP on Meetup or on Facebook.

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