Club Meeting 23th October 2017

The meeting was started by our President, Leslie Bediade. In his opening speech, he explained how to vote throughout the meeting and “trained” us to say “Ago! Ame!”. “Ago” means “Listen” and “Ame” means “I am [we are] listening”. Everytime Leslie was on the stage this evening he was testing if we still know how to properly respond to the call.

After introducing the Timekeeper for the evening, it was time for Table Topics. The Table Topics is all about impromptu speaking. Ned, who was the Table Topic Master, prepared a couple of questions related to the theme of the meeting (Destinations). The audience didn’t know what questions Ned had prepared. The brave volunteer then had to answer the question.

Table Topics are open for everyone, including guests and non-members of the club and are a great opportunity to test your public speaking (and quick thinking) skills.

This evening, we had four prepared speeches.

First was Emil Turda with his first speech titled “First Step”. Emil shared with us his story and how he ended up this evening at CASS Toastmasters delivering a speech.

Next was Ned Yuen. Ned shared with us his “Lessons from my resignation”. He explained to us why he left his job at a bank to be a consultant what he learned on the way.

After Ned, Nathan Maduakor entered the stage to tell us “How Millionaires Think”. He gave us an insight into millionaires mind and how we can change our thinking to think like a millionaire and maybe one day become one.

Last, but not least, was Robert Carruthers. Robert was crying to convince us to stop eating meat and to become “The Vegetarian Toastmaster”.

At Toastmasters, we not only provide a space to practise public speaking but we also provide a feedback for the speakers to help them improve. That’s why every speech is evaluated. This evening, the evaluators were Conrad, Leslie, Helen and Richard. The Table Topic speeches also were evaluated by Tom.

During the meeting, the audience was voting for the best speech (prepared and impromptu) and for the best evaluator. After counting up the votes, the results were:

Best Speaker Award – Robert Carruthers
Best Table Topics Award – Richard Glover
Best Evaluator Award – Richard Glover

Our next meeting will be on 6th November at CASS Business School. You can RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/244489691/

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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