Club Meeting 6th November 2017

The meeting has started. Nathan, the Sergeant At Arms of the evening, hit the desk with a hammer to let us know we have begun. Nathan set the tone for the meeting with his funny and warming welcome, which earned him a nickname “The Friendly Giant” from our President.

Leslie, our President, explained to us how clapping makes every Toastmasters club different from other public speaking organisations and then followed up with a short personal story. In that story, he broad to our attention the importance of time and how we use it to achieve our goals.

Before Table Topics, the members having a role during the meeting entered the stage to shortly explain what they are responsible for. First was Helen explaining the role of a Toastmaster and introducing the theme of the meeting, which was Expectations. Next was Moez explaining the role of a Timekeeper. Finally, Laura as a Grammarian shared the Word of the Day – “prospect” – and encouraged us to use it in our speeches.

When the introductions were done, it was time for Table Topics. Table Topics is a part of the meeting where both guest and the members of the club can practise impromptu speaking. Jose, the Table Topics Master, prepared a set of questions linked to the theme of the meeting. No one but him knew the questions beforehand. Once a selected person entered the stage, he or she had about one minute to make a quick speech answering the question.

Quite unexpectedly, Leslie did his own quick Table Topics session after the main one was one.

After the short break, we were ready for the prepared speeches.

First was Beryl telling us “How we are bought and sold”. In her speech, she focused on how to sell. She also shared an interesting story about the Comb Challenge, where three people got a task to sell combs to monks and how did they do it.

The second speaker was Conrad with a speech titled “3D Print All The Things!”. Conrad exposed us to 3D printing and even brought some 3D prints for the audience to check how a 3D print looks and feels like.

Last but not the least, was Zhilan. Zhilan’s speech – “What to do when the Table Topic master calls your name” – should actually be before the Table Topics because she gave some tips and tricks on how to quickly come up with an impromptu story. She also made her own quick and slightly different than normal Table Topics session.

Practise without feedback is pointless. That’s why as Toastmaster we not only provide a space to practise public speaking, but we also provide feedback so that our members can grow. Everyone who spoke throughout the evening or had any role was evaluated. Robert gave his thoughts on Table Topic speeches. Paul, Moez and Tom evaluated the prepared speeches. The General Evaluation of the meeting was given by Paul and Alice.

Throughout the evening, the audience was also diligently voting for the best speakers. After counting the votes, the results were:

Best Table Topic Speech – Paul
Best Evaluator – Tom
Best Speech – Conrad and Zhilan

Our next meeting will be on 20th November at CASS Business School. You can RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/244906511/ 

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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