Club Meeting 20th November 2017

In the absence of Leslie, Paul took the role of the President and welcomed the members and the guests. As usual, Paul reminded everyone how many clubs and members Toastmasters has worldwide. He also took a minute to explain the importance of clapping and handshaking in Toastmasters.

Next, members holding roles during the meeting explained, one by one, what they are responsible for. Cameron was the Timerkeeper. Robert explained the role of the Grammarian and introduced us to the Word of the Day – gravitas (dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner) – and encouraged everyone to try to use it during the meeting.

After the introductions, Beryl took the stage to lead, as she described it, “the most exciting part of the evening” – the Table Topics. Table Topics is an excellent way to practice impromptu speaking. The Table Topics Master asks a question and a random person from the audience (including guests) has to answer it on the stage.

Matt, Moez, Erica, Milena and Paul were chosen.

After the break, it was time for the speakers with prepared speeches to enter the stage.

Jose was first with a speech titled “Becoming a better version of yourself”, where he argued why and how exercising can make you an overall better person.

Next was James. He started his speech telling the story how Richard Branson avoided death on the sea by choosing wisely to swim to the shore. From then on, James was reflecting on the choices he made in life and how it impacted him.

Last but not the least, was Moez. Moez told us the story about… Transformers.

At Toastmasters, we not only provide a space for speaking but we also give feedback to the speakers to help them improve and become confident speakers. This evening, Tom, Alice and Paul were evaluating the prepared speeches, and Conrad was evaluating the Table Topics speakers. The audience was also giving their written feedback throughout the evening.

The audience was also voting for the best speakers and evaluators. After counting the votes, the results were:

Best Speaker Award – James Parker
Best Evaluator Award – Tom Royston
Best Table Topics Award – Milena

Our next meeting will be on Monday, 4th December, at CASS Business School as usual. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/245289495/ 

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