Club Meeting 18th December 2017

With warm greetings from Matt, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the evening, the last CASS Toastmasters meeting of 2017 had begun.

Leslie, our President, then took the stage to welcome everyone and explain what Toastmasters is and how it can help become a better and more confident speaker. He also explained the importance of clapping and handshakes – two things which makes Toastmasters different from other speaking clubs and how they can encourage the person entering the stage.

Robert, the Toastmaster of the evening, entered the stage after Leslie to explain the theme (Music) and to explain how the meeting will look like. Robert then invited club members which had roles to explain what they are responsible for.

First was Martin, the Timekeeper. Martin’s job was to look after the time and make sure no one takes more than they should. Next was Conrad, the Grammarian. Grammarian’s role is to listen carefully how people use the language and note some interesting phrases. Grammarian also introduces the Word of the Day. For this evening, it was Tempo, which means “the speed at which a passage of music is or should be played., the rate or speed of motion or activity; pace”.

After the introductions, it was time for the first part of the meeting – Table Topics. Table Topics is a series of improvised speeches. Lead by Ian, the Table Topics Master, a selected person from the audience needs to answer a question related to the theme of the meeting. The chosen person doesn’t know the question in advance and once picked, he or she needs to go on the stage and give a short, 1-minute long speech to answer the question.

For his set of questions, Ian had chosen Richard, Conrad, Tom, Leslie and Costa to answer them.

After the break, it was time for the prepared speeches.

First to enter the stage was Siyu. It was Siyu’s first speech and the first speech at Toastmasters is called The Ice Breaker. The goal of this speech is to introduce yourself to the club. Siyu, with his speech titled Who am I?, did exactly that.

Next was Lawrence, for whom this also his first speech. In the speech A Brief History of Me, Lawrence told us the story of his life.

The third speaker was Helen. Helen did a demonstration of appraisal and to show us how to do it properly, she invited Ian to perform a small role play.

CASS Toastmasters not only provides a space for practising public speaking but also provides each speaker with a feedback to help them be better at public speaking. That’s why everyone who spoke during the meeting was evaluated. For the Table Topics, the evaluator was Jose and Laura, Richard and Leslie evaluated the speeches.

After Grammarian report from Conrad and General Evaluation by Tom, there was only one thing left – announcing the winners. Thruought the evening, the audience was voting for the best speech and the best evaluation. After counting the votes, the results were as follow:

Best Speaker Award – Lawrence Jackson
Best Table Topics Award – Leslie Bediade
Best Evaluator Award – Richard Glover

Our next meeting will be on Monday, 8th January 2018, at CASS Business School as usual. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/246064807/

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