Club Meeting 23th April 2018

The meeting started with our President, Leslie, welcoming guests and members. Then Ian, the Toastmaster for the evening, took the stage to quickly explain the agenda and how the meeting will look like. Running a Toastmasters meeting is challenging so every Toastmaster has some helpers. Matt was the Timekeeper and his job was to track the time and make sure everyone fits in their allocated time slots. Conrad was the Grammarian. His job was to listen carefully to how people are using the language and pick the most interesting things people had said. A Grammarian also introduces the Word of the Day. This evening it was “passionate” which fit nicely with the theme of the meeting – Hobbies.

With the introductions done, it was time for the first part of the evening – Table Topics. Ran by Hadrian, Table Topics is a series of short, max 2 minutes long, improvised speeches. Hadrian prepared a set of questions related to the theme of the evening and picked a random member of the audience to come on the stage and answer it. The (un)lucky speakers were: Lawrence, Jamila, Richard, Paul and Moez.

After a short break to stretch the legs and meet other people, we were ready for the second part of the evening – prepared speeches. For tonight, we had two speakers.

First was Matthieu who shared with us his travelling stories in How travelling changed me speech.

Second was Moez explaining us the benefits of drinking coffee.

At Toastmasters, we not only provide a space to practice public speaking skills but also give feedback so you can improve. Every speech was evaluated. Richard and Paul evaluated prepared speeches and Helen evaluated Table Topics speakers. The meeting itself was evaluated by Andy, who gave feedback for everyone who had a role during the meeting (Toastmaster, Timekeeper, evaluators).

The last thing on the agenda was announcing the winners. Throughout the meeting, the audience was casting their votes on who was the best speaker. After counting up the votes, the result were:

Best Speaker Award – Matthieu Blandin
Best Table Topics Award – Paul Lau
Best Evaluator Award – Richard Glover

Our next meeting will be on Monday, 14th April, at CASS Business School as usual. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/250096114/

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