Club Meeting 11th June 2018

This meeting was a bit different than our regular meetings. Usually, we start the meeting with introductions followed by Table Topics and then proceed to speeches. But today, we have had Annual General Meeting and voting for new members of CASS Toastmasters committee. Leslie, our current club president, lead the voting. The voting went smooth and we have found our new President, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Membership and Sergeant-at-Arms.

After the voting was done and after a short break, it was time to hear prepared speeches. We had four speakers tonight.

First was Matthieu to tell us about lucid dreaming and tell us how we can too experience them.

Next was Ned to share a couple of tips on how to text someone on a dating app.

Third to speak was Ian who told us his story of how a broken back during a yoga exercise lead him to learn massage.

And last but not the least, was Zhilan to tell us a story of Sue and Peter – two people who were meant for each other but always were just a couple of meter away.

At Toastmasters, we not only provide a space to practice public speaking skills but also give feedback so you can improve. Every speech was evaluated. Tom, Richard, Hadrian and Helen provided their feedback for each speaker. The meeting itself was evaluated by Marianna, who gave feedback for everyone who had a role during the meeting (Toastmaster, Timekeeper, evaluators).

The last thing on the agenda was announcing the winners. Throughout the meeting, the audience was casting their votes on who was the best speaker. After counting up the votes, the result were:

Best Speaker Award – Ned Yuen
Best Evaluator Award – Richard Glover

Our next meeting will take place on Monday, 25th June, at CASS Business School at 18:30. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/251690571/

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