Club Meeting 25th June 2018

“Welcome to CASS Toastmaster, the home of public speaking in London”

With these words, Leslie, our President, kicked off the meeting. In his introductory speech, Leslie brought our attention to two things that make Toastmasters different than other public speaking clubs – clapping and handshakes. He then handled the stage to Hadrian, our Toastmaster for the evening. His task was to make sure everything went smoothly and announce speakers and role transitions. It is a quite demanding task, so every Toastmaster has two helpers – Timekeeper and Grammarian.

Timekeeper’s role is to keep track of the time and make sure everyone fits inside their designated time slots.

Grammarian pays special attention to the words and phrases used throughout the evening. Grammarian also introduces the Word of the Day and encourages everyone to use it as many times as possible. This evening, the Word of the Day was ducky which means “dear (used as a form of address)”.

With the introductions done, it was time for the first part of the evening – Table Topics. Table Topics is all about impromptu speaking. Table Topics Master, who runs the session, prepared a series of questions related to the theme of the meeting (“Making Connections”) and asked them randomly selected person from the audience. The (un)lucky speaker needs to go on stage and answer the question. Table Topics is a great exercise in quick thinking. It’s open for everyone (including guests) and we highly recommend you to give it a try!

After a short break, we entered the second part of the evening – prepared speeches.

First was Niall with his first ever Toastmasters speech titled “Finding my Clan”, in which he shared with us his story.

Next was Laura who wanted to practise her wedding speech. That’s a great example of how you can use Toastmasters as a safe space for practising your speeches.

And last but not the least was Helen to deliver a speech from an advanced course informing us that our position is being deleted.

At Toastmasters, we not only provide a space to practice public speaking skills but also give feedback so you can improve. Every speech was evaluated. Li-Shing, Conrad and Matt provided their feedback for each speaker and Tom evaluated each Table Topics speaker.

The last thing on the agenda was announcing the winners. Throughout the meeting, the audience was casting their votes on who was the best speaker. After counting up the votes, the result were:

Best Speaker Award – Niall Jack Walsh
Best Table Topics Award – Hadrian Thomas
Best Evaluator Award – Li-Shing Ng

This meeting was the last meeting of the current club committee. Leslie, as a stepping down Club President, gave a short speech to thank everyone for the last year and gave the club into the Moez’s hands, the new President of CASS Toastmasters.

Our next meeting will take place on Monday, 9th July, at CASS Business School at 18:30. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/252147475/

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