Club Meeting 23 July 2018

On this warm and sunny evening, Club president Moez started proceedings with a brief history into Toastmasters and explaining how clapping and handshakes are important part of our meetings and how they support people in their learning.

For at least 4 of our roles, our members had undertaken these for the very first time. This included the Toastmaster (Lawrence), Grammarian (Matthieu), Timekeeper (Lisa) and General evaluator (Matt).

Our Tabletopics session was run by Hadrian who introduced some very interesting and emotive questions to our volunteers. Tabletopics gives guests and members the opportunity to practice their impromptu speaking, by responding to a question given to them for a minute and a half, without any preparation and planning. This is a useful skill to practice for situations such as job interviews and being asked unexpected questions in meetings.

The second part of the evening is for the planned speeches. New members Avani and Stas gave their Icebreaker speeches. They say it all starts with one speech, and the icebreaker is the first speech that begins the toastmasters journey. Congratulations to Avani who gained the best speaker award.

Experienced speaker Alice gave a thorough presentation into the purpose of the roles and responsibilities at Toastmasters. This was really useful as it gave an opportunity for all to learn about the work that goes into running the club.

Matthieu undertook the role of Grammarian. This involves closely listening to the speeches and evaluating the choice of language used by our speakers. The Grammarian also decides upon the word of the day, which tonight was ‘castigate’.

The great thing about the Toastmasters process is that almost everyone who speaks is given feedback by an evaluator. Well done Richard who gained the ‘best evaluator’ award. At the end of the evening, the job of the general evaluator is to give feedback on all those who have not been evaluated, therefore, almost everyone gets some feedback.

If you would like to improve your public speaking and leadership skills, then please come along to one of our sessions.

Our next meeting will take place on Monday, 13 August 2018, at CASS Business School at 18:30. Please RSVP here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/253087029/

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