Club Meeting 9 July 2018

This was a special evening as it was the first meeting that took place with our new committee in post. Our newly appointed Club President Moez started proceedings by giving some background information as to how Toastmasters started.

Our Toastmaster for the evening was Tom. The job of the toastmaster is to describe how the evening will run and to introduce all speakers and their roles throughout the evening.

This was followed by an introduction to the table topics session. This gives an opportunity for members and guests to practice their impromptu speaking. It was great to see guests involved in this part of the evening.

Conrad was the timekeeper whose job is to make sure the evening runs on time and to alert speakers as to when their allotted time about to finish.

The Grammarian role was conducted by Niall, whose job is to report on the speakers use of language and grammar as well as ‘filler words’ such as ‘ums and ahs’. The theme of the evening was ‘success’ and the word of the day was ‘ostentatious’.

Of the main speeches, Abdullah started with his Icebreakers speech entitled ‘Attention’. A very though provoking speech that won the ‘best speaker’ prize.

Hadrian gave an informative speech entitled ‘break the rules of success’.

Matt was the final speaker who gave a speech on what makes a great leader.

Overall a great evening!

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