Club Meeting – 10 September 2018

Our Toastmaster, Ian, introduced the theme ‘possibilities’ this evening describing life as a journey of infinite possibilities. This continued as the central theme for our impromptu speaking session known as ‘table topics’. Well done our members and guest who gave an impressive round of on-the-spot speeches. Stas gave the participants some very imaginative and thought provoking questions.

The second part of our evening was made up of four pre-planned speeches. Members follow an educational programme designed to improve public speaking and leadership. Well done to Arun who started the evening’s speeches with his ‘Icebreaker’. This is the first speech of a Toastmaster’s journey and is often seen as the most challenging.

Laura was the timekeeper for this session. Around 15 individual members speak on a typical evening, some just once, and others at several points throughout. Depending on their role, some speak for 1.5 minutes, whilst others may speak for up to 10 minutes. This makes the timekeeper a crucial role; ensuring that the session runs on schedule. The job of the Timekeeper is to time every speaker and to activate the lights (starting with green) when the speaker is nearing the end of their given timeframe. The sounding of the bell signals to the speaker to end their speech as soon as possible. As a speaker, this is a very useful tool in which to challenge yourself to speak within the timeframe.

If you are interested in improving your public speaking and leadership skills, then the next session will be our humorous speech contest which will be held on 24 September 2018. Guests are welcome as always! For more information please click here: https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/254566077/?isFirstPublish=true

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