Cass Toastmasters – 8 October 2018

Our Tabletopics session had a slightly different approach this evening. The theme of the day was ‘technology’, so Moez, our Tabletopics Master asked members to conduct a short sales pitch for a past product. A picture of the product was given to the speaker as they took the stage. Each item was a 80-90s product that was a flop when it was released. These included a DeLorean and a Sinclair C5. Participants did not have time to prepare their sales pitches prior to being chosen.

Well done to Richard who took the prize for ‘Best Tabletopics Speaker’.

The Grammarian decides on the ‘word of the day’. This provides an extra challenge for all speakers to include this word into their speeches. Tonight’s Grammarian was Ian. The Grammarian’s role is to observe each of the speakers use of language throughout their speeches. This goes beyond just counting ‘ums and ahs’ to recording their use of alliteration, repetition, imagery and descriptions. The Grammarian gives a 8-10 minute feedback session to all speakers toward the end of the evening.

After a short break. Avani, Mattieu, Beryl and Matt gave their planned speeches. Well done to Mattieu who took the prize for ‘Best Speaker’.

If you would like to improve your public speaking and leadership skills, then please come along to one of our sessions. There is no requirement to speak for guests, other than to give a very quick introduction.

Our next session will be held on 22 October 2018. Click the following for more information – https://www.meetup.com/CASSToastmasters/events/255375385/

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