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Club Meeting 25th June 2018

“Welcome to CASS Toastmaster, the home of public speaking in London”

With these words, Leslie, our President, kicked off the meeting. In his introductory speech, Leslie brought our attention to two things that make Toastmasters different than other public speaking clubs – clapping and handshakes. He then handled the stage to Hadrian, our Toastmaster for the evening. His task was to make sure everything went smoothly and announce speakers and role transitions. It is a quite demanding task, so every Toastmaster has two helpers – Timekeeper and Grammarian.


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Club Meeting 11th June 2018

This meeting was a bit different than our regular meetings. Usually, we start the meeting with introductions followed by Table Topics and then proceed to speeches. But today, we have had Annual General Meeting and voting for new members of CASS Toastmasters committee. Leslie, our current club president, lead the voting. The voting went smooth and we have found our new President, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Membership and Sergeant-at-Arms.

After the voting was done and after a short break, it was time to hear prepared speeches. We had four speakers tonight.

First was…

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CASS Toastmasters Speech Night – 21st May 2018

This meeting was different. Instead of a normal meeting, we’ve prepared something special – our first Speech Night.

Speech Night was all about celebrating the art of public speaking. We have invited some of the best speakers in London to inspire us with their best speeches. And they did deliver some of the best speeches we’ve ever heard.

The meeting began with our President, Leslie, welcoming everyone and giving an introductory speech. He explained what Speech Night is all about and then proceed to a short Table Topics session to warm up the audience. And then we were…

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Club Meeting 14th May 2018

Alice kicked off the meeting with high energy. She welcomed everyone and explained the importance of clapping at Toastmaster followed by a quick “clapping training”. She later gave the stage to Paul who in his introductory speech told us what is Toastmasters and it helps people grow.

The stage was then claimed by Conrad, the Toastmaster of the evening. Toastmaster’s role is to introduce speakers and make sure everything goes smoothly. Every Toastmaster has helpers – Timekeeper and Grammarian. Matthieu, who was the Timekeeper, was responsible for keeping an …

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