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Club Meeting 18th December 2017

With warm greetings from Matt, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the evening, the last CASS Toastmasters meeting of 2017 had begun.

Leslie, our President, then took the stage to welcome everyone and explain what Toastmasters is and how it can help become a better and more confident speaker. He also explained the importance of clapping and handshakes – two things which makes Toastmasters different from other speaking clubs and how they can encourage the person entering the stage.

Robert, the Toastmaster of the evening, entered the stage after Leslie to explain the theme (Music) and to explain…

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Club Meeting 4th December 2017

The meeting was kicked off by Li-Shing, the Sergent-at-Arms for the evening, who welcomed everyone and invited Leslie, our President, to explain what Toastmasters is. Leslie pointed out the importance of clapping and handshakes in Toastmasters as these two actions create a friendly atmosphere and encourage whoever enters the stage.

After the President’s Introduction, Jose, the Toastmaster of the evening, explained his role and did a little housekeeping. Jose also introduced the theme of the meeting, which was Christmas. Next, he invited the members who had extra roles tonight.…

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Club Meeting 20th November 2017

In the absence of Leslie, Paul took the role of the President and welcomed the members and the guests. As usual, Paul reminded everyone how many clubs and members Toastmasters has worldwide. He also took a minute to explain the importance of clapping and handshaking in Toastmasters.

Next, members holding roles during the meeting explained, one by one, what they are responsible for. Cameron was the Timerkeeper. Robert explained the role of the Grammarian and introduced us to the Word of the Day – gravitas (dignity, seriousness, or solemnity of manner) – and encouraged everyone…

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Club Meeting 6th November 2017

The meeting has started. Nathan, the Sergeant At Arms of the evening, hit the desk with a hammer to let us know we have begun. Nathan set the tone for the meeting with his funny and warming welcome, which earned him a nickname “The Friendly Giant” from our President.

Leslie, our President, explained to us how clapping makes every Toastmasters club different from other public speaking organisations and then followed up with a short personal story. In that story, he broad to our attention the importance of time and how we use it to achieve our goals.

Before Table Topics, the members …

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