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Club Meeting 7th August 2017

The meeting on 7th August was kicked off by Li-Shing, who then introduced the club president, Leslie Bediade, to explain what Toastmasters is.

Our Toastmaster was Tom Royston, whose role was to lead the meeting and make sure everything goes swiftly and without any problems.

Paul Lau was our Grammarian for the night. The role of the Grammarian to pay special attention to the language used by people on the stage. If you use interesting rhetorical devices or your speech is eloquent, the Grammarian will pick it up and highlight it later for everyone to learn. Grammarian also decides the Word of …

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Club Meeting 24th July 2017

The meeting started with a warm welcome by Hongxia Xu, which then gave the stage for our current president, Leslie Bediade. Leslie explained what Toastmasters is, emphasising the fact that the meetings are run by normal people. No one here is a professional public speaker and we are all on the same journey to become better speakers and leaders.

Leslie was also our Grammarian for the night. His task was to pay special attention to the use of the language. On top of that, grammarian’s role is to introduce the Word of the Day and challenge everyone to use it as much as possible.

The Word of the Day …

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