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Club Meeting 13 August 2018

Many thanks to our immediate past President Leslie who gave the introduction on Toastmasters and told us a little about its history.

Alice was our Toastmaster for the evening, whose job is to describe the meeting and introduce speakers throughout the session.

At Cass Toastmasters the evening is split into two parts. The first part consists of our Tabletopics session. This gives volunteers the opportunity to practice their impromptu speaking by responding to a question given by the Toastmaster. The Toastmaster for this evening was Avani who presented the volunteers with some interesting

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Club Meeting 23 July 2018

On this warm and sunny evening, Club president Moez started proceedings with a brief history into Toastmasters and explaining how clapping and handshakes are important part of our meetings and how they support people in their learning.

For at least 4 of our roles, our members had undertaken these for the very first time. This included the Toastmaster (Lawrence), Grammarian (Matthieu), Timekeeper (Lisa) and General evaluator (Matt).

Our Tabletopics session was run by Hadrian who introduced some very interesting and emotive questions to our volunteers. Tabletopics gives guests and members

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Club Meeting 9 July 2018

This was a special evening as it was the first meeting that took place with our new committee in post. Our newly appointed Club President Moez started proceedings by giving some background information as to how Toastmasters started.

Our Toastmaster for the evening was Tom. The job of the toastmaster is to describe how the evening will run and to introduce all speakers and their roles throughout the evening.

This was followed by an introduction to the table topics session. This gives an opportunity for members and guests to practice their impromptu speaking. It was great to see guests involved

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Club Meeting 25th June 2018

“Welcome to CASS Toastmaster, the home of public speaking in London”

With these words, Leslie, our President, kicked off the meeting. In his introductory speech, Leslie brought our attention to two things that make Toastmasters different than other public speaking clubs – clapping and handshakes. He then handled the stage to Hadrian, our Toastmaster for the evening. His task was to make sure everything went smoothly and announce speakers and role transitions. It is a quite demanding task, so every Toastmaster has two helpers – Timekeeper and Grammarian.


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