Club Testimonials

Some nice things that members and guests have said about us

Sigma Zhang — During my first few visits in 2014, I was largely impressed by the high standard of meeting, the very supportive culture and the warm friendliness at CASS. So I joined the club, which kicked off a journey of one and half years until now. It was a very fortunate decision. Today, I’m much more confident and proficient in public speaking and communication than I was then. This has helped me both with at work and in life!

Alice Au Steenson I have been a Toastmaster for a couple of years now and am truly grateful for what I have learnt and gained from the journey.  Not only have I improved my public speaking and leadership skills through speeches and different roles taken within the club, I’m blessed to have met so many inspiring and marvellous people whom I can call fellow Toastmasters and friends. Thank you, Cass Toastmasters Club!

Moez Adamjee — I have been a Toastmaster for 2.5 years. When I first started I was shy and quite nervous speaking to a large crowd of strangers.  As time has gone by I have evolved and gained a lot more confidence in my speeches and delivery. I feel I have gained many different skills not just in public speaking through the club itself but also outside. It has helped develop me into a better person and leader.

Ibrahim Hussein — I joined the CASS Toastmasters club a year ago and I find it a friendly place to receive constructive feedback. So far I have given many speeches and with each speech I make sure to incorporate the feedback I received, this has allowed me to feel more confident in getting my points aggress. I would highly recommend the club to anyone who want to develop their public speaking skills.