Join us!

The cost of membership at Cass Toastmasters is a modest £100 for 12 months. For students and alumni of our beloved patrons, Cass Business School we offer a 6 month membership for £50.

The fee that we charge is purely for the toastmasters brand and learning materials/journals that toastmasters provides. Everyone of our lovely members is a volunteer and a learner. They are all trying to do exactly what you are looking to do- come in to our club every other week and practice over and over and over their communication skills.

The dues are significantly less than commercial public speaking trainers or personal coaches, reflecting Cass’ status as a not-for-profit organisation. One of the main misconceptions about public speaking is that you can simply take a single, multi-session course and come out a proficient speaker at the other end. In fact, real mastery requires persistent practice over time, which is precisely why we look to foster long-term relationships with all our members.

Once you’ve come along as a guest, please feel free to speak with the Vice President of Membership (Arun Prakash), or any of the other committee members, about joining the club.

We look forward to meeting you!