Cass Toastmasters – 8 October 2018

Our Tabletopics session had a slightly different approach this evening. The theme of the day was ‘technology’, so Moez, our Tabletopics Master asked members to conduct a short sales pitch for a past product. A picture of the product was given to the speaker as they took the stage. Each item was a 80-90s product that was a flop when it was released. These included a DeLorean and a Sinclair C5. Participants did not have time to prepare their sales pitches prior to being chosen.

Well done to Richard who took the prize for ‘Best Tabletopics Speaker’.

The Grammarian decides on the ‘word of the…

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Humorous Speech Contest – 24 September 2018

This evening was different to our usual club meeting as it was our Humorous Speech Contest. Alice was the contest chair and organiser. Contest judges also joined us from nearby clubs. It was their job to brief other judges and ballot counters and to assess speeches on a range of criteria.

Four contestants took to the stage for their pre-planned speeches. Each speech lasted for 5-7 minutes and subjects covered a range of subjects such as travel, friendship, humour and workplace pranks!

Congratulations to Ned who took 1st place and will be representing Cass Toastmasters at the regional contest …

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Club Meeting – 10 September 2018

Our Toastmaster, Ian, introduced the theme ‘possibilities’ this evening describing life as a journey of infinite possibilities. This continued as the central theme for our impromptu speaking session known as ‘table topics’. Well done our members and guest who gave an impressive round of on-the-spot speeches. Stas gave the participants some very imaginative and thought provoking questions.

The second part of our evening was made up of four pre-planned speeches. Members follow an educational programme designed to improve public speaking and leadership. Well done to Arun who …

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Club Meeting – 20 August 2018

A slightly quieter evening than usual, with some of our members on holiday, however this did not mean that there was not an exciting evening of speeches taking place throughout the evening.

The first part of the evening involved an extended table topic session. Alice, our table topics master for the evening presented both members and willing guests with some highly thought provoking questions. Well done to our guest Ajay who won the best table topic award.

After a break the group enjoyed two interesting and inspiring speeches by members Stas and Ian.

Thanks to Dale who was our general evaluator…

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