Club Meeting 6th November 2017

The meeting has started. Nathan, the Sergeant At Arms of the evening, hit the desk with a hammer to let us know we have begun. Nathan set the tone for the meeting with his funny and warming welcome, which earned him a nickname “The Friendly Giant” from our President.

Leslie, our President, explained to us how clapping makes every Toastmasters club different from other public speaking organisations and then followed up with a short personal story. In that story, he broad to our attention the importance of time and how we use it to achieve our goals.

Before Table Topics, the members …

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Club Meeting 23th October 2017

The meeting was started by our President, Leslie Bediade. In his opening speech, he explained how to vote throughout the meeting and “trained” us to say “Ago! Ame!”. “Ago” means “Listen” and “Ame” means “I am [we are] listening”. Everytime Leslie was on the stage this evening he was testing if we still know how to properly respond to the call.

After introducing the Timekeeper for the evening, it was time for Table Topics. The Table Topics is all about impromptu speaking. Ned, who was the Table Topic Master, prepared…

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Club Meeting 9th October 2017

The meeting was opened by our President, Leslie Bediade, who explained the importance of… clapping. If you ever attended any Toastmasters meeting, you definitely noticed that everyone claps. Leslie explained why clapping is an important part of a meeting and how it boosts energy and confidence.

The Word of the Day, chosen by Tom, the Grammarian of the meeting, was surreal. Surreal means:

  1. of, relating to, or characteristic of surrealism, an artistic and literary style; surrealistic.
  2. having the disorienting, hallucinatory quality of a dream; unreal; fantastic:

The challenge…

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CASS Toastmasters Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest – 25th September 2017

It’s this time of the year again!

Every Toastmasters club holds its own Humorous Speech and Table Topics Contest. The club members compete

The contest looks different than normal meetings. First, only the club members are allowed to join the competition. Second, the competitors are being evaluated by judges, who are usually members of other clubs. The judges, however, do not share their evaluations with the speakers. Instead, they give their evaluation to the Chief Judge. Chief Judge then adds everything up and announces the winners.

The audience does not vote as at normal club meetings.…

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