Club Meeting 13th March 2017


Let me ask you, what is your favourite age if we can give you a chance to go back to? If you were 10 years old, what will you say to yourself? What will you do in your free time?….Thank Tom, our Table Topic Toastmaster, for bring us such interesting and provoking questions, about life and about time. Anna Cameron, Anna Batrachenko, Ned, Ada, Kumalin and Christimy (Sorry mate, if I misspell your name, please let me know and tell me the right in your second table topic speech.) take advantage of this opportunity to share their opinions about time, school life, leisure and party. Hi Anna C, we cannot…

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International Speech Contest 27 Feb. 2017

The family photo!

IMG_2456 2

Sorry for the delayed update, guys.

Such a fantastic international speech contest! Leslie was the Competition Chairperson who was hosting the contest. There are three speakers attending the competition, Rokas, Zhilan, and Helen. I would like to say that all of them demonstrated what a sophisticated toastmaster speaker should be like. After fierce competition, the first place came to Rokas. Congratulations, mate!

After the speech competition, six club members participated in the Evaluation Competition, including Navya, Richard, Rokas, Alan, Tom and Sigma. Richard…

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Club Meeting 13th February 2017


Paul, our President, initiates the meeting with a brief introduction of what is toastmaster. He takes his experience as an example to show how he jump on the journey of toastmaster. He emphasises that the club provides us with a platform to harness our public speaking skills and leadership. The organisers of the club are not employed, and the only target they share is to get better and better on speaking skills.
Richard, our Toastmaster of the night, use the most dynamic way to say hi to all. He is always such an energetic guy! Our Time Keeper, Conrad, gave a concise explanation of the Time Keeper…

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Club Meeting 23rd January 2017

IMG_2405 IMG_2411 IMG_2406 IMG_2408IMG_2409

Sigma, as today’s President, initiated the meeting with a brief introduction of the Toastmasters program and mission statement. Moreover, he introduced a refreshing concept of the ‘3D’ of the Toastmasters’ aim, which is ‘to deliver, discover and develop.’

Robert, our Toastmaster of the night, use his experience to demonstrate how the public speaking skills being improved through Toastmasters. Our Time Keeper, Anna, gave a concise explanation of the Time Keeper role.  Our Grammarian, Avi, picked the word “loquacious” as the word of the day.

Table Topic…

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