Club Meeting 9th April 2018

The meeting was kicked off by our President, Leslie, welcoming fellow members and guests to another meeting of CASS Toastmasters – the home of public speaking in London. After briefly explaining what Toastmasters is, Leslie invited Richard, the Toastmaster for the evening, to the stage. Richard did a round of high fives before explaining the agenda and the meeting will run.

Running a meeting is not an easy task. To make sure everything will run smoothly, Toastmaster has two helpers. The first one is the Timekeeper (Martin) whose job is to track how long each person speaks and make sure…

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Club Meeting 26th March 2018

“Welcome to CASS Toastmasters, the hub of public speaking in London”

With these words, Leslie, our President, welcomed the members and guests to another CASS Toastmasters meeting. In his introductory speech, Leslie touched on the importance of clapping and handshakes as they build confidence in the person entering the stage.

Moez, the Toastmaster of the evening, then described the agenda and how the meeting will run and introduced his helpers – Timekeeper and Grammarian. The role of the timekeeper is to track time of each speech and make sure no one uses more time than…

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CASS Toastmasters International Speech and Evaluation Contest – 12th March 2018

This meeting was different. We were holding CASS Toastmasters International Speech and Evaluation Contest.

Each year, every Toastmaster can take part in International Speech and Evaluation Contest. The contest at our club was to decide who will represent CASS Toastmasters in the next stage and, hopefully, even further.

The contest was divided into two parts – Evaluation Contest and Speech Contest.

First on agenda was the Evaluation Contest. Each contestant listened to a speech given a mysterious speaker which then they had to evaluate. Dan from Croydon Communicators club…

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Club Meeting 26th February 2018

“Hello everyone!”, said loudly Leslie and started the meeting. He energised the audience by teaching us how to clap the Toastmaster style and after that Leslie proceeded to his introduction speech where he told the story of Toastmasters.

Leslie then gave the stage for Tom, the Toastmaster of the evening. His job was to announce speakers and make sure everything goes smoothly. To help him in this task, Tom had two helpers – Ren and Robert. Ren was the Timekeeper. Her task was to check if everyone fit in their designated timeframes. Robert was the Grammarian. His job was to listen…

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